Visium is a leading Swiss AI & Data consultancy enabling enterprises to become future-proof and leaders in AI & Data. Since 2019, we've helped our clients transform their data into their most powerful asset, delivering competitive advantages and 10-100M in business value. We work with global brands, such as Novartis, Roche, Nestlé, and dsm-Firmenich, to help them identify and seize key AI opportunities through our unique mix of strategy consulting, data engineering, and ML engineering. The future is data-driven, and we exist to ensure it's powered by ethical and responsible intelligence.

In 2023, Visium was recognized by Financial Times and Statista as the 2nd fastest-growing company in Switzerland and 72nd in Europe.

We help our clients become strategic about AI

We're committed to offering our clients expert strategy consulting and AI & Data solutions that help them succeed in their digital transformation:

  • AI & Data Strategy. Establish strong strategic foundations for AI and data transformation, creating long-term competitive advantages that keep our clients ahead.
  • Cloud Engineering. Deliver cloud-based solutions to optimize infrastructure and data management, allowing companies to respond to changing demands without compromising system availability or performance.
  • Data Engineering. Set a strong data backbone enabling clients to collect, store, and manage data at scale using state-of-the-art data pipelines and lakes to easily find and access accurate, valuable data for insightful analytics.
  • Data Science. Build AI tools to speed up processes and remove any uncertainty from decision-making, empowering companies to discover their next best move by turning raw, scattered data into valuable insights.
  • ML Ops. Bring models into production and simplify their deployment by combining best practices, technologies, and an integrated team to ensure the success of ML initiatives.

Why the biggest names in the industry trust us time after time

  • BUSINESS-DRIVEN APPROACH: For us, a successful project is deployed in production and generates ROI.
  • AGILE & INNOVATIVE MINDSET: Driven by a team that moves as quickly as our client's ambitions.
  • UNIQUE ASSETS & TOOLKITS: Trust established frameworks created through 150+ collaborations.
  • 60+ GAME-CHANGING TALENTS: From AI & Data strategists to cloud, data, and ML engineers, our clients rely on our team's unique mix of technical and consulting expertise.
  • WE DO WELL BY DOING GOOD: We care for the world and always act with the greater good in mind.