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A sustainable & inclusive event

At AMLD EPFL 2024 we are committed to sustainability and to working actively to minimize our environmental and social footprint. In line with the EPFL Climate & Sustainability Strategy and the EPFL Checklist for Sustainable Events, AMLD EPFL is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with the event, and minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. We are equally committed to fostering diversity, social inclusion, and cultural representation. Our goal is to continually enhance the sustainability of each event, and we actively encourage our partners, organizers, exhibitors, suppliers, and participants to join us in achieving this goal.

We ask all individuals involved in the event to commit to the following:

a. Promote a safe, respectful, and accessible event for all participants
b. Promote equality, diversity and inclusion, and ensure interactions are free from harassment, power abuse, and discrimination;
c. Respect each other's boundaries and privacy;
d. Encourage a sense of community where everyone looks out for each other and ensure that everybody feels included, welcome and safe, regardless of their backgrounds, perspectives and walks of life;
e. Maintain professionalism in all interactions;
f. Actively support efforts to hold a sustainable event by minimizing environmental impact particularly linked to travel, food, and waste.

Check out our Event Sustainability Framework to learn more about our sustainability objectives and our Code of Conduct to help us create a positive event experience for everyone.