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About AMLD

AI and machine learning are not just technological innovations, they are major forces reshaping our world. Spearheaded by our EPFL School of Computer and Communication Sciences, this vision inspired the inaugural Applied Machine Learning Days, held in 2017.

Our mission is to openly showcase and debate the transformative power of AI and machine learning, highlighting its potential in science, research, industry, and government. Prioritizing this open dialogue with society is critical to ensuring that our AI initiatives advance technological frontiers while also being in the public interest and upholding ethical standards. Our ultimate wish for AMLD is to foster new connections, insights, and collaborative projects.

In 2020 we welcomed AMLD Africa, brought to life by enthusiastic EPFL students and Alumni. A focus for energy and innovation, it represents our commitment to leveraging AI for the greater good in Africa, a vibrant continent full of outstanding potential.

All our AMLD initiatives are led by the EPFL AI Center - a hub for artificial intelligence that leverages the extensive expertise of EPFL's faculty and researchers across all schools. The new Center cultivates a collaborative environment that nurtures multidisciplinary engagement in AI research, education, and broader aspects of innovation and collaboration.

We're thrilled that from our humble beginnings, AMLD continues to grow and inspire ever larger audiences, bringing AI and machine learning to the forefront of dialogues taking place between academia, government, business and society. We are eager to see the positive change that AMLD and AMLD Africa will drive in technological advancements and community engagement.

EPFL Professor Marcel Salathé
Organizer of the AMLD EPFL