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The Event

The Applied Machine Learning Days (AMLD) stand as a premier gathering for the AI and machine learning community, drawing thousands of experts and participants from over 40 countries across industry, academia, and government. AMLD EPFL 2024 is a four-day event, from March 23 to March 26, at the SwissTech Convention Center (STCC), EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.

AMLD EPFL 2024 has three dynamic components

1. Workshop Weekend (March 23-24): Dive into a hands-on learning experience unlike no other. Hosted by researchers and industry experts, the workshops offer a range of sessions suitable for all levels of expertise. From practical training and coding classes to live demos and hackathons, participants will delve into the cutting-edge applications of AI and machine learning. This interactive learning environment aims to bolster capacity building and knowledge sharing, keeping attendees abreast of the latest trends and advancements in AI and machine learning

2. Conference (March 25-26): A unique knowledge hub for AI and machine learning, featuring an array of themed tracks spanning technology, natural sciences, economics, politics, social sciences, and more. The focus will be on the application of AI and machine learning within these domains, spotlighting the latest innovations. Over two days, the conference will host keynote speakers, talks, industry symposia, startup pitches, and e-poster sessions, providing a rich platform for learning and networking.

3. Exhibition (March 25-26): Showcasing a spectrum of applications and innovations from industry, government, academia, and startups, the exhibition offers a dynamic space for knowledge sharing, discussing innovations, and forging connections within a vibrant community.

AMLD EPFL in numbers*

  • 4-day event
  • 2,500+ participants including developers, technologists, CTOs, CIOs, managers, scientists, researchers, engineers, policymakers, machine learning experts, startups & students.
  • 40+ countries represented
  • 31 workshop sessions
  • 34 domain-specific tracks
  • 22 Exhibitors
  • 31 Startups
  • 330 Talks
  • 300+ Speakers
  • 22 Event partners

* statistics from previous events