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kaiko.ai is advancing oncology research and clinical applications by leveraging multimodal foundation models. We believe that unlocking the potential within data is key to the next series of breakthroughs in the industry. To achieve this, we are transforming the clinical AI stack:

  • Data platform: designed for hospitals, our platform transforms clinical system data into a format ready for advanced processing. It's built to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, using open-source, open-format technologies in the cloud. This enables hospitals to break down data siloes, fostering an environment where data can be shared and utilized to drive the development of frontier medical AI.
  • Multimodal foundation models: in collaboration with leading European cancer research institutes, we develop multi-modal foundation models, that enable hospitals and researchers to navigate their data and facilitate the adaptation of their AI to specific domains.
  • Enabling clinical application: around our data platform and multimodal foundation models we build a robust framework that accelerates the development of AI-driven healthcare applications. This includes tools for evaluating model performance across healthcare domains and deploying cutting-edge AI directly into the clinical workflow.

Since 2021, our collaboration with the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI-AVL), a leading European cancer institute, has brought together medical experts, data and machine learning engineers to redefine their clinical data & AI stack and has accelerated the evolution of their Digital Oncology program. This collaboration embodies our commitment to transforming data into actionable insights for patient care, driving forward the integration of advanced AI in the fight against cancer.