D ONE is the leading Swiss firm specializing in data driven value creation (data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence). A pioneer in transforming businesses into data-driven enterprises, we offer comprehensive solutions that extend from building AI based systems, shaping processes and organizational structures to evolving company cultures.

Our expertise in generating value from data is unparalleled. Over 130 data talents combine deep technical knowledge with keen business insights. We have operated from our Zurich base since 2005 and an expanding talent hub in Athens.

Our work encompasses designing and implementing projects that harness the power of data, guiding companies through the digital transformation journey, and leveraging our extensive experience across the value chain. Noteworthy is our strategic involvement in startups like herlock.ai, demonstrating our commitment to innovation.

At D ONE, we believe mastering data interpretation is a crucial advantage across all industries, embodying our dedication to excellence in every project undertaken.

Join our track and workshop:

  • Track: AI + Retail

The retail industry has the great opportunity to transform processes with the use of AI and ML to enhance their operations, improve the customer experience and foster growth. Let's explore how with experts from Zalando, Avolta - formerly Dufry, Migros, Valora and Freshflow.

TIME: 25/03, 14:00 - 17:30, PLACE: Garden 4B

  • Workshop: Databricks Brick-by-Brick: Data, Analytics, ML and GenAI on one Platform

The workshop is for all data professionals, no prior Databricks knowledge required.

TIME: 23/03, 09:00 - 17:30, PLACE: Garden 5BC