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Stand Number: E09

Your image data ready for the AI era

Simplify data management & improve model reliability with Jetraw

Jetraw is a multi-storage image data management platform with CLI, GUI, Python and cross-platform support. It streamlines data transfer, accessibility, and cost-efficiency, while enhancing AI/ML performance through data engines. Jetraw AI engines combine physical and generative layers, allowing to generate, optimise, and control your image data within the existing AI/ML workflow.

Jetraw's AI engines
Jetraw's data engines combine physical and generative layers: synthesis (e.g. for training or testing), optimisation (e.g. to reduce hardware cost of acquisition devices), and data quality control (e.g. during deployment or for certification) to metrological precision.

Synthesis engine
While generative models can create high-quality synthetic data, ensuring its reliability and realism is a usually challenge. Data generated by Jetraw is metrologically raw, it mirrors the original pixel distribution. The model can downsample images to any resolution, maintaining the original plausibility.

  • Leverage physical properties of the data acquisition process, e.g. emulate different acquisition devices to generate data for downstream model resiliency
  • Generate multiple image-label pairs from a single data collection

Optimisation and quality control engines

Most data today is designed for the human eye, while the significant improvement in AI/ML models can be achieved through custom, learned processing. Moreover, AI/ML models frequently encounter data that differs from their training data, creating uncertainty in performance. Jetraw allows for improved model accuracy in object detection and controls for drift.

  • Allow the propagation of the model gradient into the data-generating process, e.g. an emulated hardware
  • Run an adversarial search on the data-generating process to identify blind spots
  • Detect and flag deviations in AI/ML inputs during deployment or certification

    About Dotphoton:
    Dotphoton is a Swiss deep tech company at the forefront of maximising the value of raw image data for AI/ML in critical applications through innovative image compression and data optimisation solutions for machine vision systems.