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March 23 and 24, 2024

The workshop weekend will feature workshops on the following topics. Detailed information for each workshop can be found on the event schedule here.

  • AI Governance in a new era of regulated AI
  • Applications of Machine Learning
  • At the cutting edge of Generative AI: Unravel the Secrets of GPT and Build Your Own Model
  • Automated Machine Learning from your Database System with MySQL HeatWave Cloud Service
  • Build Your Own AI Movies Buddy
  • Code, debug, reuse this chart
  • Connecting Illegal Vendors on Darknet markets: Responsible Authorship Attribution to Link and Connect online Cybercrimes
  • Data engineering ninja - Level I
  • Data science thinking: making an impact
  • Databricks brick-by-brick : Data, Analytics, ML and GenAI on one platform
  • Deep Reinforcement Leaning for Satellite Constellation Planning and Routing
  • Developing and Deploying Industrial AI Applications for Embedded Hardware
  • From Code to Wrist: Innovating Healthcare with the CLAID Middleware for ML Deployment!
  • Generative AI for Forward and Inverse Design in Architecture and Engineering
  • Learn to develop and customize AI workflows with Flows: A hands-on tutorial on Jarvis - an open-source ChatGPT+(++)
  • Machine Learning for Social Good: Algorithmic & Data Challenges when working with Vulnerable Populations
  • Misuse of AI for Chemical and Biological Warfare: Risks, Ethics, and Prevention
  • Modern Data Cleaning
  • Multimodal Machine Learning for Human Behaviour Understanding
  • On-premises LLMs: The Safe Way
  • Predicting User Behavior with AI
  • Probabilistic Forecasting for Planning 101
  • Recent advances at the interface of biological and artificial neural networks
  • Regulation and Certification of Trustworthy AI systems
  • Reinforcement Learning Student Session
  • Shaping the Future of Health: Unlocking the Power of AI Through Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • Stories of the Future: Shaping the role of artificial intelligence in democracy
  • Unlock the Power of Voice: Build Your AI Vocal Agent
  • Who needs ChatGPT? Rock solid AI pipelines with Hugging Face and Kedro