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Session types

Discover the variety of sessions and dive into a multifaceted learning experience! The full event schedule is available here.

1. Workshops (March 23-24, 09:00-17:30)
Immerse yourself in hands-on learning led by researchers and industry experts. From coding classes to hackathons, these sessions cater to all expertise levels. Explore cutting-edge applications, fostering capacity building, and knowledge sharing. Detailed program information coming soon.

2. Keynotes (March 25, 10:00 & 19:00 | March 26, 16:00)
Organized by EPFL, these sessions feature high-level speakers sharing insights on the latest AI research, innovations, and future visions. Get inspired by thought leaders shaping tomorrow's world. Keynote speaker lineup details coming soon.

3. Tracks (March 25, 11:00-17:30 | March 26, 09:00-15:30)
Selected through a competitive call, themed tracks explore AI applications in domains like technology, natural sciences, economics, politics, and social sciences. Delve into the latest innovations and applications. Detailed program information coming soon.

4. Industry Symposia (March 25, 11:00-12:30 | March 26, 14:00-15:30)
A unique platform for AMLD partners to showcase innovations in AI and machine learning. Explore cutting-edge developments. More information available in the program soon.

5. Startup Pitches (March 25, 16:00-17:30 | March 26, 14:00-15:30)
Engage with startups through 5-minute pitches. Learn about their groundbreaking applications and connect at the Startup Hub for in-depth discussions. More information available in the program soon.